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4 Quick Facts about Celine Woods

  • I'm obsessed with self-development. I read a new book every week.

  • I believe the best way to teach how to live a fulfilling and authentic life is to show it. If you want to inspire others, live an inspiring life yourself.

  • Owner of 2 businesses. I'm a public speaker, teach and coach on Instagram and make money by selling my courses. 

  • Crazy about dogs, but I travel too much to have my own dog. 

Did you watch this? It's the fastest way to get to know me

My first business..

...where I discovered the joy of entrepreneurship

My first company, SPOT, didn't start with a desire to 'change the world'. It wasn't my biggest passion.


Nope. I wanted to live in a beautiful Amsterdam Canal House. And I couldn't afford it. 

Innovative business idea

So  I came up with an idea: I would start living in a beautiful house anyway, and rent it out during to days to companies for meetings. That way I could make my rent. I bought whiteboards, sharpies and made deals with local caterers for lunch.


Friends and family thought it was the worst idea ever. "Why would someone rent your living room?" 

4 locations and a team of 11

But the concept ('a creative meeting space in my living room!') was a huge success. I grew fast: within 2 years I had over 4 venues in the city, 11 team members, and clients like Apple, Disney, Nike, and Booking.com.


Building a fast-growing business like that taught me SO much about being an entrepreneur. And that's where I got the idea for my second company..


"Entrepreneurship is the biggest self-development game out there."

My second business...

...when I discovered the power of scalability 

While I was building my first business, I started to share my lessons about being an entrepreneur on Instagram. My following grew exponentially: over 36.000 people watch my journey every day. 

Teach on Instagram

That's when I came up with my second business: I would teach my own strategies and lessons in online courses: C.Academy. 

(The 'C' is from Celine. I'm a firm believer in that you shouldn't waste weeks on finding 'the perfect name' for your business.)

I launched my first course on Instagram. The out-of-the-box way to teach a course. People would sign up through Instagram. I made headlines around the Netherlands with the innovative business idea. 

$1,000,000 in sales in 2 years

Within 2 years, I made over 1 million in revenue with C.academy. I also ran a 6-month membership for entrepreneurs online, with 1,000 members. The courses were all in Dutch until November 2020, when I launched my first English course.

I liked the scalability of online courses. I love the flexibility of having an online business. 

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Public speaking

Three or four times a month, I am asked to speak for seminars or events.

Subjects I talk about the most:

* Online visibility by vlogging: how a personal brand helps you as a business owner

* Money mindset: why any entrepreneur must make 'earning money' the corner stone of their business

Do you want me to speak at your event? Please reach out to my team.

"Celine has the gift to extract the best tips from her experience as an entrepreneur. And with her enthusiasm, she's able to make the whole crowd think outside of the box. A golden combination."

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What I believe 

1. Only YOU know what's best for you

The fact that your sister, mom or friend doesn't like your business idea? It's not important. Others will NEVER know what lives inside you. Your gifts, your desires, are purely there for you. So listen to your own intuition. 


If you would ask my friends a couple years ago if they thought I would be speaking on stages or vlogging? They would answer: "Hell no. That ain't something for Celine." But I DID hear that small voice, that spark of interest in that direction. And I followed it.

2. Just start. Clarity will follow.

While I am a huge fan of manifestation, the law of attraction and all the spiritual laws and practices..the best way to figure out what you should do is by doing something. Act. Take that step. Even if you're not sure 'if it's the right thing to do'.


My first company started without a with a huge vision. I just wanted to learn the skills of entrepreneurship. And it still is a huge learning school. I always say: 80% is good enough. Don't strive for that perfection before you can start. By acting and doing, you'll learn the most.

3. There is enough for everyone. 

I share candid and open about everything I learn. Everything that made me more free, rich, happy and complete: I'll pass it on to others.


My biggest joy is sharing the knowledge, because frankly, what's the joy in being successful and wealthy all by yourself? I love lifting others up.  My success isn't taking away from yours. Your success isn't taking  from mine. There is enough for everyone and I believe in abundance. 


In the media

Both my companies - due to the out-of-the-box business concepts - made headlines in the Netherlands. My Dutch name (charlotte van t Wout).  If you want to interview me for your podcast, reach out and see my page for the press. 

On national television

In newspapers/magazines

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What I have to offer

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