How can I help you?

I love sharing content. I earn my money by selling online courses, but there is tons of my free stuff out there too. These are the places you can find me:

My Insta stories

I'm pretty active on Instagram, where I share about my life as an entrepreneur in 'stories'.  I like making the 15 seconds vlogs so much, that I offer a course on how to make your stories worthwhile.



My YouTube channel

I just started out on YouTube where I share business tips and my ayahuasca journey.


My Podcast

I've got a podcast (Dutch)  the Celine Charlotte podcast



My famous instagram courses. The first one available in English is 'Long Story Short' and is all about how to make engaging stories on Instagram. (Also how to make and sell a course on Instagram!)


A one-on-one inspirational coaching session

You can book a one-on-one with me to brainstorm your company together. Price is $999 for a session.

**No space until 2021**

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