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Celine Woods (33) is an entrepreneur, influencer and mindset coach for intuitive entrepreneurs. She is the owner of two businesses: spot (venues that you can rent for a day) and C.Academy (courses). She sold over 13,000 courses using the Instagram platform and was the first in the world to invent a course on Instagram. She also runs a monthly membership with over 1,000 entrepreneurs. In the Netherlands, she is known by her dutch name Celine Charlotte van t Wout. 

Most people know her from

  • Being the first to come up with Instagram course (sold over 13,000 courses)

  • A monthly column in the financial Dagblad (Netherlands)

  • Podcast 'Celine charlotte' with over 10K downloads for each episode

  • Instagram with over 35K followers

  • Entrepreneur of the year 2019 (by financial Dagblad)

  • Two businesses: Spot (venues) and (courses)

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Credit: Marilyn Bartman

Credit: Marilyn Bartman


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